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Tooth Extraction Vs. Root Canals

Posted by Thomas G Salacup on Oct 30 2019, 10:25 AM

Tooth Extraction Vs. Root Canals

Teeth extractions and root canal treatment are surgical procedures that cure deep cavities and broken teeth. It is the severity of the damage that determines which method would work best for the case. Although they are interchangeable, root canals and extractions are different from each other.

Let's understand the basic facts and determine the differences between both procedures.

What is a root canal?

In light of a dental infection, a root canal procedure is generally advised to remove any signs of damage or disease. The endodontist would access the dental pulp and clean the chamber. The canal is disinfected, and the tooth would be filled with a dental filling material. This helps repair the trauma, and the tooth is saved from further damage. 

What is involved in a root canal?

The root canal procedure begins with an initial oral examination that helps locate the damage within the tooth. The procedure starts by administering local anesthesia on the gums near the infected tooth. The endodontist performs a pulpectomy that helps extract the infection from the pulp chamber. The tooth would be filled with a suitable filling material and sealed with dental cement.

What is tooth extraction?

Dental extractions are performed to remove a severely damaged tooth from the dental socket. Its removal would be necessary to ensure that other portions of the oral cavity are healthy and functioning. Tooth extractions may be simple or surgical. During a simple extraction, the dentist would use a local anesthetic to loosen the tooth from the socket. Dental forceps would be used to remove the tooth smoothly. Simple extractions are generally carried out when the infection can be seen in the mouth. 

When teeth have been damaged internally or haven't fully erupted or broken at the gum line, then surgical methods would be required to remove the tooth from the socket. The patient would generally be referred to an oral surgeon for the procedure. Any signs of swelling would subside within a few hours after the procedure. 

What differentiates a root canal from a tooth extraction?

The significant difference between a root canal and extraction is that root canal procedures help preserve the tooth while an extraction procedure removes it. The dentist would initially evaluate the damage to decide which procedure would suit the case.

Find out which procedure can preserve your teeth by consulting with Dr. Salacup today. Call our office at 707 645 1728 or request an appointment online.

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