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Dentures are dental restorations or teeth replacement option. They also serve as an excellent dental appliance to fix facial posture and support the surrounding tissues of the mouth. Dentures can be classified as full and partial dentures.

What are complete dentures?

Full or complete dentures are dental prosthetics that are either conventional or immediate. Conventional full dentures are designed and customized for individuals to serve a full set of teeth after the existing ones have been removed. Immediate full dentures or temporary ones are placed over the jaw surface immediately after teeth has been removed. The temporary dentures will later be replaced by conventional ones after the healing period is complete.

What are partial dentures?

Your partial dentures are removable. They are generally a tiny bridge that consist of the replacement tooth attached to a surface that'd take care of teeth that are missing from the upper or lower jaw surfaces. 

What are fixed dental bridges?

Your fixed dental bridge are just like partial dentures, although, their architecture is different. Two adjacent crowns and an acting crown would cover the missing space between two teeth structures. Fixed dental bridges would close missing gaps preserving teeth aesthetics and dental health

Dentures are a great method to restore missing teeth and are incredibly convenient and comfortable to wear.

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1512 Napa St Ste B Vallejo, CA
Vallejo, CA, CA 94590

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1512 Napa St Ste B Vallejo, CA
Vallejo, CA, 94590

(707) 645-1728

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