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Dental fillings are an excellent method to preserve existing teeth structures from failing and malfunctioning. They are a direct tooth restoration method used to restore teeth function and aesthetics. 


Restorations in the form of dental fillings come in all kinds. Some of the common types of dental fillings are from materials such as Gold, porcelain, resins of a composite, etc. Metals such as Gold and Silver are durable enough to withstand severe pressure and forces. They are also known as traditional dental fillings.

Modern materials such as resins of ceramic or plastic are close to the color of natural teeth mimicking them to look like natural ones. Such natural-looking fillings are also known as Composite resins. Composite resin fillings are generally used over the visible areas of teeth where it is more visible to notice.

Choosing the right filling

Choosing the right type of dental filling can depend on various factors. It depends on how compatible the patient is with the filling material, the nature, and health of existing teeth structures, and the extent of repair that'd be required to retain aesthetics.

Direct Fillings

Your direct fillings can be placed in a single appointment where the dentist would prepare the damaged teeth structure before receiving the new filling. Some typical examples of direct fillings are composite fillings, resin and glass ionomers.

Indirect fillings

The indirect filling material is generally a combination of two or more filling material. They come in the form of restorations that can be mold into places such as inlays, onlays, veneers, or composites. An impression of the tooth will be prepared which will be sent to labs. In the meantime, the area of teeth that needs restoring will be covered with a temporary filling material. Once ready, the dentist will carefully replace it with the prepared filling material to restore function and aesthetics.

Help us choose the best filling material that will suit your treatment plan.

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1512 Napa St Ste B Vallejo, CA
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