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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a collaborative dental field that helps restore the function and aesthetics of the mouth to its normal state. It aims at filling excessive gaps, replace broken or misshapen teeth, insert crowns, dental fillings, etc.

By restoring your teeth, we mean to preserve as much of natural teeth as possible to retain your mouth's biological composition. To make the best of promoting function and aesthetics, we replace dull or missing teeth with the help of implant dentistry such as placing restorations in the form of dental implants, removing cavities and preserving teeth structure with dental fillings, supporting existing teeth with bridges, etc. By ensuring this, we take the extra mile to prevent any chance of dental health problems as just a minimal amount of gap is simply enough for bacterial or plaque build-up.

Understanding teeth restoration options

As patients involve in restorative dentistry, your dentist will explain about the available restorative options that are available to replace your missing teeth. Based on your individual dental needs, the dentist will lay a suitable plan and begin to prepare your teeth. But before deciding what's the best option available, patients need to understand the two main broad category of restoration that dentistry can provide.
  • Direct restorations
  • Indirect restorations

Direct Restorations

Placing direct restorations would generally require a single visit for your complete procedure. One such direct restorations are dental fillings. Your fillings can be placed directly into your teeth once it is prepared. The dentist will choose the best filling that suits your teeth's composition.

Indirect Restoration

Indirect restorations come in the form of custom-made dental prosthetics that can be easily fitted on your teeth. A few common examples of indirect teeth restoration are crowns, bridges, onlays or inlays. Dental crowns are designed to cover the entire surface to protect or support a weak tooth, Dental bridges can be used to replace or more missing set of teeth. Onlays are teeth restorations that fixes and protect any dull surfaces of the cusp of your teeth.

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1512 Napa St Ste B Vallejo, CA
Vallejo, CA, CA 94590

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1512 Napa St Ste B Vallejo, CA
Vallejo, CA, 94590

(707) 645-1728

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